Finite Element Analysis

Understanding stresses and strains with computer aided engineering。

FEA or Finite Element Analysis is a Computer Aided Engineering tool that allows Nefab Engineers to virtually examine the stresses and strains within designs。 

How can our FEA Services help you?

  • Cost Take Out - FEA provides insight on areas of a design that may be replaced with a cheaper material or different shape
  • Risk Analysis - Determine if the solution can pass the hazards experienced during transportation
  • Prototyping - Perform and test design iterations on the computer before creating prototypes
  • Test a design that is too large or heavy - some industrial packaging is too large to test, FEA provides a method to do so

Vertical simulation test

The simulation of a vertical compression test performed on open style crate the size of 3600x3600mm。 FEA allows us to test the effects on what if traditionally tested, would be impractical。

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